When I lived in Denmark I worked in a home caring for autistic children. The centre leader asked if I would paint a large picture to reflect the spirit of the centre for the common area in a new department. So, I went to my studio and began…
Inspired by the children and their wonderful unique way of communicating with the world, I started experimenting and looking for a style that reflected their expression. Working with fast drying acrylic paints I used large brushes and employed dynamic movements, changing rapidly the surface colors and textures in the paint. Not knowing what I was looking for, I painted vigorously and remained alert for the right moment. The craft is to know when to stop!
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The resulting painting ‘BONKERS’, which is nine canvases assembled together, each 60cm x 60cm was the first to emerge from this new style of painting. It is full of vibrancy and life; an authentic reflection of the children in their unique way of being, engaging with life. This painting signaled the beginning of a new style of expression for me, and inspired me to produce many more using this new approach.